Life In Relation Therapy & More

At Life in Relation I offer the following services:


I understand that life is a process filled with many transitions and changes. Sometimes these changes create pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relational pain. Counseling can help ease the way.

Although I offer services to individuals  of all ages and stages of life, including children,  I am passionate about working with couples. I have 15 years experience and have developed a creative and practical approach designed to open pathways to communication, facilitate understanding of each other’s perspective,  and deepen and repair intimacy.  Utilizing a holistic, compassionate, and creative, approach,  I work with each person in the system honoring each person’s unique perspective while helping them reconcile life’s challenges while growing towards self fulfillment.​ 

My work is informed by years of experience with  people from all walks of life and I offer an inclusive space that honors individual freedom and expression of the self.



I also offer mediation for conflict resolution. The mediator is an impartial facilitator who guides the participants towards constructive resolution of their dispute, by increasing understanding of the issue and helping to form realistic agreements that are sustainable. Mediation is a time saving and cost effective alternative to combative lengthy legal processes.

Mediation is helpful for any conflict involving two parties. This includes:

Divorce Mediation
Neighborhood Conflict
Workplace Conflict
Group Mediation

My approach to mediation integrates mindful, intuitive, creative processes that tap into deeper possibilities for peaceful resolution.


in these workshops I offer a guided intuitive process to help the individuals connect with their creative capacity for self understanding and development of the self. Examples of topics include, redefining oneself in mid life, life paths, and self esteem, and couples work.

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